Fundraising Committee

Windermere Elementary School PTO’s Fundraising committee is in charge of our primary fundraising efforts which largely revolve around the Mustang Stampede and sponsorship opportunities. It also interfaces with the OCPS Partners in Education program.

Mustang StampedeRewardsSponsorshipSpirit Nights

The Mustang Stampede is the PTO’s most important fundraiser and brings in the majority of our money each year.

Mustang StampedeProgram

The PTO administers several different rewards programs that bring additional funds to the PTO and sometimes directly to Windermere Elementary School.


We continually work with local community sponsors to bring additional funds to our school.


Windermere Elementary School PTO work with local vendors to sponsor spirit nights where part of a merchant’s sales comes back to our school. We partner with a variety of restaurants each year and have an enduring relationship with Papa John’s who sponsors us one night each month during the school year.

Papa John’s Pizza NightsProgram