Arty Facts

Arty Facts is a volunteer-driven, PTO-sponsored art history and appreciation program presented to Windermere students by ADDitions volunteers. All volunteers must be an approved ADDitions volunteer.

No teaching or art experience is required to volunteer! If you are looking for an extremely rewarding way to spend time in your child’s classroom that isn’t too time-intensive, Arty Facts is for you! As an Arty Facts volunteer you will present six or seven art history lessons to your child’s class throughout the school year. Presentation times are flexible and are scheduled with your child’s teacher. Each presentation lasts 30-45 minutes and all materials and lesson plans are provided along with ideas for simple and fun art projects. And the best part is the kids love Arty Facts! If more than one parent is interested in volunteering in your classroom the presentations can be shared.

Resources for Arty Facts Volunteers

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These lists indicate the artists that will be presented for each grade. Each artist’s name links to their associated lesson plan. A pronunciation guide is also provided with stressed syllables printed in capitals. No stress is given for French names, which are properly pronounced with equal stress on each syllable.