School Improvements

The Windermere Elementary School PTO is very proud of the many school improvements we have funded over the years. We help with both big and little projects throughout the campus, indoors and outdoors. Simple things like floor mats keep our entryways clean; big infrastructure investments like playground equipment enhance our students’ recess time.

Suggestions Welcome

Do you have an idea for a school improvement? We need your input and ideas for ways to further enhance our school environment for our children. Email your suggestions to today!

Current School Improvement Projects

  • Media Center enhancement. We are completely remodeling the layout and furnishing of the media center.
  • Playground maintenance. We are investigating upgrades to the playground areas and play equipment.
  • Landscaping work plan. We are determining how best to create a multi-year plan for improving the landscaping around Windermere Elementary.
  • Shade structures. We are investigating providing additional sun relief for the walkers and bikers.

Past School Improvement Projects

  • Water bottle filling stations. In 2018 we completed retrofitting filtered bottle-filling stations at all of our water fountains! Each station tracks how many disposable water bottles it has helped prevent.
  • PE pavilion fans. The breezes from these fans help students survive our Florida heat.
  • Learning Garden electrification. Power at the Learning Garden gives us additional flexibility in how we use it.
  • Umbrellas. Tables in the playground and bicycle rack areas got yellow and blue umbrellas.
  • Cleaning. Both the cafeteria stage draperies and the lobby furniture were cleaned.
  • Cafeteria soundproofing. At the end of our 2016 summer recess we installed sound-reducing panels in the cafeteria to help reduce the noise for our students and cafeteria workers.
  • Playground equipment. We installed new playground equipment in the spring of 2015. We also painted a beautiful mural for our younger students.
  • Playground improvements. The playground added a Buddy Bench and a new sidewalk and gate.
  • Umbrellas. Outdoor dining area tables got umbrellas.