Mustang Education Fund


The Mustang Education Fund is not associated with Windermere Elementary School PTO. It is a program operated under OCPS to raise additional money for technology resource purchases at Windermere Elementary School.

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What is the difference between the PTO and the Mustang Education Fund?

The mission of Windermere Elementary School PTO has always been to act as a support system for students, staff, and school administration. We do this by providing programs like Accelerated Reader and Arty Facts, events like Family Literacy Night and Science Week, and services like Guardian Angels and School Nurse funding. We work to enhance the positive relationships between home and school through the programs and activities we provide. Where the PTO is focused on the parent, teacher, and community relationships which are vital to the school experience, the Mustang Education Fund focuses on supplementing district technology purchases.

How do the PTO and Mustang Education Fund work together?

Representatives from the PTO and the Mustang Education Fund work together to coordinate annual planning of fundraisers and school enhancement goals. The PTO president sits on the Mustang Education Fund’s Board of Directors along with Windermere Elementary School’s Principal and additional parents and teachers. It takes everyone’s efforts to accomplish the aggressive goals we need to achieve to maximize Windermere Elementary School’s potential.

Why does Windermere Elementary School need the Mustang Education Fund?

State and federal funding has been dwindling for years and is now at an all-time low for per-student funding. The existing budgets are not meeting the needs of our school to provide the latest technology and curriculum-based enhancements. Our children need to be fully prepared for the future by having access, understanding, and hands-on experience with the technology that will shape their future. We may not need the Fund forever, but until public school funding becomes a higher priority it serves a critical need at our school.

How does the Mustang Education Fund raise funds?

The Mustang Education Fund is totally parent-driven. There are no contests and no recognition boards, just parents participating once a year at whatever donation level they are comfortable with. The suggested donation is $250 per family per year. Some families will do more, some will do less, but all play a significant role in helping Windermere Elementary School maintain its status as a top-ranked school.