Windermere Elementary School PTO

Windermere Elementary School PTO is Windermere Elementary School‘s Parent Teacher Organization. We strive to support and advocate for our children by partnering with staff, families, and the wider community to create a safe and healthy learning environment where students can excel and feel confident in themselves.

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You can join the Windermere Elementary School PTO right now using our online store! Our annual dues are $10, or just $5 for current Windermere Elementary School staff. Membership dues support a number of programs at Windermere Elementary.

Student T-Shirt Size + Learning Garden Permission Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form below so your student may receive their FREE fundraiser t-shirt!

If you do NOT want your child to participate with their class in Learning Garden activities, please uncheck the box at the end of the form.


The Windermere Elementary School PTO executive board has seven elected officers. It works in close collaboration with Windermere Elementary School’s Principal and is assisted by the chairs of its standing committees.

Executive Committee

The executive committee consists of all of the elected officers of the Windermere Elementary School PTO as specified by its bylaws.

Windermere Elementary School Principal

Standing Committee Chairs

Standing committees are created by the executive board as necessary to carry on the work of the PTO. Their responsibilities are specified in the PTO’s standing rules.

Most of our PTO programs are overseen by one of these committee chairs working with the executive board. Is there a position you’d like to help out with? Join the PTO or look at our list of open PTO positions.

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NSF Check Policy

When we attempt to deposit a check that is rejected due to non-sufficient funds we incur a $12 charge from our bank — in addition to not receiving whatever amount the check was written for. We kindly request that the fee be covered by the check writer so it does not have to impact our general fund.

Stop Payment Policy

If you receive a check from us and misplace it before deposit we must issue a stop payment at a cost of $35 before writing a new check. We reserve the right to deduct this bank fee from a reissued check at our discretion. If the original2021-2022 WES PTO Budget check was for less than a stop payment cost we may not reissue the check. Please be understanding; we try very hard to husband the funds we raise for the benefit of Windermere Elementary. It is always a good idea to deposit reimbursement checks as soon as possible after you receive them!

This is an archive of the minutes and associated documentation recorded at Windermere Elementary School PTO meetings.